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We are a team of professionals with necessary education, training, experience and the skill to carry out the valuation for various purposes as may be required by our clients. We have in depth knowledge of local & wider property markets, development matrix, laws & statutes that affect the value.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the market benchmark for innovation and service excellence in asset consulting.

Our Mission

To service the market through asset optimization and professional consultancy services.

Our Services


We undertake all types property, manufacturing & assert valuations and valuations for visa purposes etc..


When you want an advisory service, We will guide you to take the most suitable decisions and actions for that situation.

Property Tax Services

Our skilled financial and tax reporting advisors are known for their independence, experience, and extensive local market knowledge.

Litigation support

We provide litigatioin and expert testimony by engaging the right expert can make the difference between winning and losing.

Our Clients

Co-operate Sector Services

For any business, this present-day value assessment helps in exploring all the windows of opportunities while foreseeing the potential risks. SPJ Chartered Valuers ensures you get accurate data for your strategic decision making in real estate related decisions.
Our financial and accounting experts provide you with a thorough projection-based analysis of DCF to assess the value of the investment, expected cash flows in the future for investment purposes.
To cover all your worth we provide an in-depth report of your assets, so that insurer and insured both can get an agreeable clear picture of the value and its insurance.
We provide a concrete valuation for litigation purposes to offer a broad and independent perspective to formulate opinions and advising counsel, and for dispute resolution both in and out of court.
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We derive and apply a benchmarked methodology of a model assessment and market analysis to evaluate the general infrastructure market values and broader investor sentiment.
Our expert values at SPJ Chartered Valuers, provide a robust assessment of any property's easements in relation to the harms caused by them to the rest of that property.
SPJ Chartered Valuers, provide a clear valuation to predict future benefits derived from any leasehold interest and in assessing its present day’s value to provide you a decent insight.
Our expert values at SPJ Chartered Valuers, provide a robust assessment of any property's easements in relation to the harms caused by them to the rest of that property.
Financial experts at SPJ Chartered Valuers, have a great eye for detail and leave no stone unturned while assessing the right figure for our clients, we provide a credible cost analysis for our clients so that they can decide their trade terms in alignment to corporate practices, legal norms, and risk factors.
Our expert valuers provide a thorough report on your taxable assets and possible tax reliefs in accordance with the present-day tax policies so that you can evaluate the taxation-related objectives.
SPJ Chartered Valuers, helps you in assessing the historical journey of your venture by representing it in the form of robust valuation that you can use to decipher all the encouraging and thwarting factors which have impacted your business throughout this phase.
SPJ Chartered Valuers, also provides valuation services for the purposes of divestments, restructuring prices, strategic management, arbitration, networth assessment, investment funds allocation, etc. Be it financial reporting, litigation, strategic decision making, portfolio assessment, risk management, or dispute resolution, the purpose could be any of these, you can always rely on our robust and independent valuation services.
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We Are SPJ Chartered Valuers

In today's challenging environment, and rising complexities in corporate structures, legal norms and financial reporting spheres, a robust and independent assessment becomes necessary for any business. SPJ Chartered Valuers, valuation experts have acquired a decent knack for valuation methodologies, complex financial reporting, and tax requirements...

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