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In today's challenging environment, and rising complexities in corporate structures, legal norms and financial reporting spheres, a robust and independent assessment becomes necessary for any business. SPJ Chartered Valuers, valuation experts have acquired a decent knack for valuation methodologies, complex financial reporting, and tax requirements.

SPJ Chartered Valuers assess the real value of your asset or portfolio in any sector, anywhere in the world. Get a fast, reliable and accurate assessment from licensed professionals for even the most complex projects. Real estate valuation is a rigorous, nuanced and complex process that can have a significant impact on key business activities like financial and tax reporting,securing a loan, investment asset selection and closing a sale. Unlike most other asset classes, the value of commercial real estate is largely tied to local market dynamics and the strength of the broader economy. For those reasons, businesses requiring an accurate valuation of specific real estate assets need professionals who prioritize and apply data that actually matters in support of an objective assessment.

We examine properties, identify qualified personal property costs and classify those costs into the appropriate MACRS recovery period. Types of real property that should be considered for a cost segregation study include hotels, resorts, shopping centers, supermarkets, manufacturing facilities, golf courses, office buildings, warehouses, biotech and pharmaceutical facilities and many other types of buildings.

As the leading valuation services firm, SPJ Chartered Valuers ascertain the market value of business assets – inventory, machinery and equipment, intellectual property, full enterprises, and real estate at the manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and retail levels. We deliver valuation for going concerns, intangible assets, financial instruments, and tax planning and compliance. The company also provides compliance valuations as well as dispute resolution support.

SPJ offers audit, consulting and tax services to private and public real estate entities, such as brokerage firms, developers, institutional investors, opportunity funds, pension funds, private equity portfolio companies, property management firms and real estate investment trusts.

Our Valuers have extensive experience in analyzing numerous property types, including office, retail, health care, multifamily, hospitality, resorts, shopping centers, supermarkets, manufacturing facilities, golf course, hydropower plan, timber valuation and self-storage facilities. We understand that competitive pressure, occupancy levels, tenant demand and other key value drivers vary widely from one market to the next.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, our fixed asset valuation professionals have appraised property, plant and equipment assets across virtually every industry niche.

Our Core Values


Dedicated to using top qualified professionals, who demonstrate leadership in the market, and sound valuations expertise.


Committed to ethical conduct, accurate and objective valuations, best practicecorporate governance and trusted service.


Striving to supply best customer service, top expertise and leading market knowledge.


Promising to meet client expectations within budget, on time, at all times.

Our Team


Mr. Weerasinghe Chandrasena

CEO / Managing Director

Mrs. N.P Thennakoon


Miss. Nalika Samarasinghe

General Manager

Mr. Ekeshwara Kottagoda Vithana

Project Analysts

Associate Valuers

Mr. W D Siripala - Associate Member of IVSL

Senior Valuer - 35 years of experience

Mr. Charith Suwandaratne - Associate Member of IVSL

Senior Valuer - 12 years of experience

Miss. Saranniya Thilaharaj . B.Sc. Hons (EMV) , SJP,

Valuation Practitioner


Mr. Gamini Kumarasinghe

Chartered Accountant

Mr. Kapila Wimal Wijesuriya

Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public.

Mr. Susil Priyantha

Civil Engineer